Saturday, 22 October 2011

.'Copter Basic Tee.

I love it when the baby starts being interested in something.  Tommy has always just followed the other two around in what ever they are doing, but lately he has started obsessing over "copters" (helicopters) and "flys" (planes).  So cute watching him make everything zoom around in the air.
I was sorting through some craft stuff a couple of weeks ago and rediscovered these iron-on velours we bought when Oscar was a baby - I think they were from Pumpkin Patch.  When I saw the helicopter I couldn't resist making Tommy his very own 'copter tee.

He loves it!  I love the colours, we call it his "high vis" shirt - great for spotting him in a crowded park!!!
Of course I used my Basic Tees pattern - boys version with short sleeves.  And the fabric comes from Crafty Mamas.
Has anyone out there made a Basic Tee yet?  Would love to see some pics of your creations if you have!!!

Make It Perfect, Basic Tees sewing pattern

Gitte Knit in Kiwi
Stella Knit in Turquoise


DianeY said...

I did make a girls tee & love the pattern. I like the little fullness at the top of the sleeve. It's about to be mailed to my granddaughter for her birthday, but I can snap a picture of it tomorrow if you like-it'll just be a flat one. Let me know how to send it or should I just post it in Flickr.
I'll be doing the boys, too, but need to find some suitable knit

Luscious Lea said...

I've made one for my son with a motox stunt applique and plan to do another with the same applique but in different colours. He loves all things to do with the fire service as well so will do a shirt or two with appliques based around that.

Miss Amy said...

I love this pattern. I am heading to bright this weekend so I might have to head into their quilting shop, they always have a good range of your patterns :)

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