Saturday, 15 October 2011

.Shout Outs.

I've got a few fun things to share with you today...

First of all, have you heard about the Premium Mothers Retreat being held in Sydney early next year? 
The retreat sounds amazing and is sure to refuel worn out Mothers with loads of inspirational presentations and workshops.  Early bird rates are avaliable until 18th November, then prices will increase by 20% so hurry and book now!

Next up (and this may be of interest to local peeps....) 
Inspire Handmade Market - a funky market full of lots of cool handmade goodness, going to be held in March at Deloraine Primary School - I'll be there with some bits and pieces for sale...will talk more about it as the time draws closer, but for now - if you are interested in having a stall at the market, contact The Handmade Team ASAP as tables are filling up fast!

And for anyone looking for an easy way to learn a new craft, check out Emily Falconbridge's Fabulous Felting course!
Learning something at home is super convenient for busy people...I like it 'cause it means I can stay in my jammies and do things at my own pace.  I've never tried wet felting before, it has always intrigued me though!  I especially love those rugs made of hundreds of little felted cool!


Anonymous said...

why is mum spelled the wrong way for australia?

Julia said...

I love handmading anything and especially working from home. This is because I am always busy and just the time from home to a certain office or place of work it seems like such a big waste of time. In these modern times, distances matter very much.

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Penny said...

I wish I was going, love the link to the felt jewelry. thanks

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