Monday, 12 December 2011

.Nan's Great Sponge.

(After all that sponge making and eating on the weekend I thought it only fitting to re-post Nan's famous sponge recipe from the archives, June 2008)

Myth: sponge cakes are hard to make.

They are not, they are actually one of the most easiest cakes around. Require little ingredients and just a bit of time.

My Nan is famous for her sponge. She always has a couple in the freezer to pull out when people come around. Before I was married and still living at home I was lucky enough to spend time with Nan once a week and help her with cleaning and jobs around the house. It was when she lived at her old house in the country and was more able than she is now, but still appreciated a bit of help with vacuuming and washing the floors. When Pop still went to work every day at the river and would drive home with his dog, Sandy on the back of the ute for a hot lunch. They are much older now and much less able. They don't live in the country anymore and Pop doesn't go to work. But those memories are still alive.

During one of my visits, Nan requested I do some cooking for her so that she could stock up the freezer with some goodies. It was that day she taught me how to make her world famous sponge cake. And I'm glad she taught me, standing over my shoulder with very definite instructions. If she had just handed me the recipe, it would have failed. I know I would have skipped the part where I was supposed to beat the eggs and sugar for "at least" 10 minutes. It would have been more like 2 or 3 minutes. And I know I wouldn't have bothered folding the dry ingredients in with a fork. I would have thrown them in and let the beaters do the mixing. And then my sponge would have failed.

Trust me when I say it is long as you follow the instructions exactly as they are written.

Nan's Great Sponge
3/4 cup castor sugar
4 eggs
3/4 cup cornflour
1 tsp baking powder
3 tsp plain flour

Beat sugar and eggs for at least 10 minutes until very creamy.
Sift together baking powder, cornflour and plain flour. Add to egg mixture and stir with a fork until just combined.
Grease two sandwich tins and divide mixture evenly between the two. Gently tap each tin on the bench.
Bake in a 200 degree celcuis oven for 20 minutes.
When cool, fill with jam and whipped cream.  Dust with icing sugar or ice with passionfruit icing.


CheezyK said...

Suddenly sponge seems a whole lot less scary. Thank you for sharing, I will certainly be giving this one a go.

Bronwyn said...

I do not have any luck with sponges but yours looks beaut!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Seriously drool worthy!

Little Gumnut said...

I'm hopeless at sponges but I'll have to try it one more time!

Melissa said...

I've never attempted a sponge, maybe this will inspire me to do so! When I looked at your previous post with all the sponges, I thought this one looked the best! Yum-o! x

Nadine said...

Just made this - its fantastic!!!
I only have 1 cake tin (square) so just chucked it all in at once, and cut it when it was cooked - worked perfectly. Thanks for this recipe :)
(I have the same tupperware cake stand thingy hee hee)

Posie Patchwork said...

That looks amazing, so delicious & great height!! My mum nailed sponge cake with the most sugary cream & jam centre, wow.
My husband's Nanny was all about scones, she kept her cash in the freezer, we'd get ice cold $50 notes in our children's birthday cards, so funny, she must have popped them in at the last moment. Love Posie

jane p said...

I'm a terrible cook but the cake looks so delish that I've bookmarked this page. Will definitely give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks yummy! Do you mind letting me know what size are your sandwich tins?

Jayjay said...

Not really a comment on the sponge - although it looks beautiful Just wanted to say I have followed your blog for some time, having stumbled on it somehow. I felt it was time to "come out" and say I love your writings, photos, sharing your delightful family etc. You are very inspiring how you fit so much into your days! You make people feel good. And finally, a big welcome to New Zealand when you get here.

Virginia said...

Thanks for sharing. I am a good cook but have never managed to make a good sponge so I am going to try this one - looks great.

~ Kim ~ said...

I love sponge cakes. I must make this. Thankyou!!!

Sally said...

Toni I tried you Nan's sponge recipe. It was easy, and it turned out ok... but I don't think I'll be winning any CWA awards any time soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe. You can see my cake using your Nan's recipe here

Rose said...

I have made this twice now. The second time I beat it for about 13 minutes and it was really great (if I say so myself!), so thanks very much!

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