Tuesday, 6 December 2011

.'Tis the Season.

For busy, busy weeks - does your calendar look like this?  As the big day draws near, the days seem to get busier.  I love it though, adds to the excitement!
For decorating Christmas trees.  We almost didn't do it this year.  Almost.  But it just wouldn't have been Christmas without a tree - even if we do only get to enjoy it for 15 days!  That is all we have done in the way of decorating this year.  Keeping things very simple, our big holiday is excitement enough.
For Christmas baking...after watching a few great Christ-centered videos last night for Family Home Evening we got to some gingerbread cooking and decorating.  Tommy was the cutest - carefully putting an m&m on each dot of icing then licking his little finger after every one!
For dodgy advent calenders.  I do feel bad that we aren't keeping up with our advent tradition this year but things are pretty crazy around here as we tidy up loose ends before we go away.  We are still doing lots of special things each day, just without the added pressure of having to do them. 

Hope Christmas is shaping up in your house, however you do it!


Angela said...

I love your weekly planner.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! :) xo

Haylee said...

K I just have to say, your kids are SO adorable. Tommy and his gingerbread man, love it.

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