Friday, 3 February 2012

.Our NZ holiday - PART 2.

Feels a bit silly to be blogging about Christmas in the beginning of February...I think I've lost my blogging legs :)
This was the first Christmas that the kids had spent away from home, but after reassuring them that, yes Santa WOULD know where they were, they were as excited as ever!  
Christmas Eve was spent doing last minute shopping, some swimming at the beach and lots and lots of cooking.  We had a delicious gourmet BBQ for dinner, followed by the traditional Christmas pav - laden with fruit and ferrero rocher chocolates...YUM! 
Nana and Lil shared a special Christmas message for us, complete with one beautiful little angel.
And as always, the reindeer food was a hit with the kids.  First Tommy and Lil scattered it around, then Oscar came by later on and divided it into 9 little piles - one for each of the reindeer.
Christmas morning came (and not quickly enough for these excited kiddos!)  We opened presents from Santa before church, then went to church for an hour and listened to some very uplifting and inspiring messages.

The rest of the day was spent opening presents, eating way too much delicious food and hanging out together.

We enjoyed a family walk along the beach in the evening, a perfect way to finish a lovely day.


Carli said...

That is sooooooooo Oscar dividing the reindeer food into piles! Whit's kissing instead of pulling a funny face!

The Coull Family said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! Cute angel Lil and I thought the exact same thing as Carli wrote :), very well organised Oscar!

Melissa said...

You got some great family photos there Toni! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves! x

melandpeter said...

Ferrero rochers on the Pav - Best idea ever!!!

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