Tuesday, 7 February 2012

.We painted rocks.

Last week the kids were getting a little antsy.
Where are we going today Mum?...What are we doing today Mum?...Who's coming to play today Mum?
It gets a bit like that when you have a quiet week during the school holidays and my children have really noticed that we have slowed down since coming home from our action-packed trip.  They are still in "lets do stuff" mode when I just want to chill at home and catch up on things!
 So, thanks to Martha for the inspiration (you can ALWAYS count on Martha to help!) we headed to the beach and collected a big bag full of rocks.
Filling big tubs with water and washing all of the sand off was just as fun as the painting.  Then we left the rocks to dry while we had some lunch.
Be warned, rock painting is very messy.  A few old towels on the deck kept things kind of clean for us.  Rock painting is also very relaxing.  It has been ages since I've made something unimportant just for fun.  I love seeing the kids getting all crafty and creative.  We basked in the sun and painted and chatted for two whole hours.  

And I didn't think about the dishes or the washing or other silly old jobs at all.


Kathy said...

A PERFECT day :)

L!$@ said...

What a simple but awesome idea! They look fantastic.

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

These look great. My sister in law painted my daughter some fabulous rocks. Can't wait for her to be a little older to add some of her own!

Karen said...

I love days like this - we put our painted rocks in the garden - as long as the paint is waterproof it works great as garden decoration.

Jane said...

What a lovely idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

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