Friday, 23 March 2012


 Hands up if you love Grandparents?

I do!  They spoil you rotten when you are a kid and then when you have kids of your own, they forget about you and spoil your kids rotten!!!  

These are my Grandparents.  They live away from us in South Australia.  We really miss them and hadn't seen them for 1 year.  They came to visit us for 1 month and have just gone home.  As much as I love them dearly, I love even more that my children love them.  They followed them around, performed tricks and hung off their every word for 4 weeks.  
Grandad and Granny even babysat one night for us so that Jaron and I could go out!  It was party time for the kids - when we got home at 9:30pm the house was buzzing.  Every board game had been played with Oscar (and he won every time!), Tommy and Grandad were crawling on the floor like Dog's licking everything around them, and Lil had dressed Granny up as the Sugar Plum Fairy!!!  I love that the children can have fun, special times with them and that they aren't old and grumpy.

We love you Grandad and Granny - please come again! Actually, why don't you just move back?  Then we could go out for dinner more often and leave you with the troops!!! x


Freja said...

I recently found out (while your grandparents were visiting Tassie) that we moved into their ward! From Carli/Fil's ward to theirs ... Triffit's are everywhere :)

Urban Flower said...

OH I am envious. HOW awesome. And I want to be in their ward too Freja! Carli x

gingersnap said...

You are so blessed, I never got to meet my grands, enjoy every day you have with them. Sounds like all had fun!

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