Tuesday, 20 March 2012

.Triff's Back.

He did it!  My littlest brother came home from his mission for our church - 2 years of hard work and full-time service teaching the people of Japan all about what we believe in!
Every time he would email home, his emails would start with "Triff's Back" so I thought it apt to create this fun speech-bubble prop to greet him at the airport with!
And here's the boy...still the same, yet very different.  I am so proud of this momentous achievement in his life, we really missed him when he was gone and are already enjoying his charm and humour and vague comments! 
Love these photos of Cade with Mum and Dad - looks like Mum missed his hugs while Dad just wants him to get back to work!!!
Missionaries Rock!  To find out more about what they are doing and why - read here.  And don't be afraid to chat to them when they come knocking on your door, you could be making my little brother's day!


Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious!!!
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Emily said...

What a happy day! Love the pictures!

The Kings said...

funny :) Can't wait to see him.

melandpeter said...

Your family are so funny. What a welcome home :-)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, love the photos. TRIFF'S BACK!

Anonymous said...

Ooop...that comment was from Filly x

Nikki said...

hehe, love this :)

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