Friday, 13 April 2012

.For their feet.

I’ve always eyed off the cute shoes that Kawaii Kids has to offer and when they had a sale over the Easter weekend I thought I’d stock up on shoes for the kids (well, mostly for Lil) to keep them going for awhile.  They arrived this week and are the CUTEST things ever.  Not to mention super soft and comfortable to wear.  They are really flexible, I can crush them in my hands and they bounce back into shape.  I'm hooked and the kids are smitten.
Adorable Mouse Shoes for Lil - we looooove these, I want a pair for me!
 Leather Loafers for Tommy - he loves the little frog on the side.
I think he is a little frog!
 Some lovely Kate Soomi shoes for Lil...
The Soomi brand shoes are awesome.  I bought a couple of extra pairs for her to grow into so fingers crossed we will be set for the next year!
Brown: Tess Soomi shoes
Black: Grace Soomi shoes
(P.S. I wrote this blog post because I love the shoes and the shop, no incentives from the company or store.)


Jan-Maree said...

Seriously - I want a pair of mouse shoes too!

Anonymous said...

so cool toin!!!! CUTEST KIDS!

Aimee said...

love these! meggie has the same brown ones as lil (and some green ones to grow into)... those mouse shoes are the cutest! :)

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