Wednesday, 30 May 2012

.Fil's baby shower + giveaway winners.

Did you miss me?  My blog posts are so sporadic at the moment that I bet you didn't even know I was gone!
I've just spent the weekend in Sydney for my little sister's baby shower!  Isn't she the cutest?!  And at 35 weeks has the best little bump ever!
It was so lovely to spend the weekend with my Mum and two sisters.  We are all so alike, yet very different and our personalities definitley compliment each other.  I remember when Dad had a stroke (which we thought was a heart attack at the time) and we were all at Mum & Dad's house for the Christmas holidays.  Mum went to the hospital with Dad, leaving us girls at is hilarious to look back at our coping mechanisms: Carli - non-stop talking, making absolutely no sense.  I whipped out the vacuum cleaner and proceeded to clean the house from top to bottom because I didn't want Mum to have to come home to any housework and Filipa sat on the couch and cried!  See what I mean about complimenting each other beautifully - at least we weren't all fighting over the vacuum cleaner!

Filipa is a pure delight and always has been the lovely one of the family.  And you could tell just how many people really do love her from the large gathering and lots of hugs and laughter at her baby shower.
We were graced by lovely live music, a special speech and fun socialising.  The games were kept to a minimum (because you know how they can drag out!)
Particularly entertaining was making Fil's baby out of playdough - see that looong purple one in the middle?  Michaela made that one because she thinks the baby is going to be super tall like 6'8" Uncle Chris!

Apart from the baby shower, we also went out for a delicious "girls only" dinner and ate way too much in our three course dinner that finished off with musical plates circulating around the table so that we could sample each others dessert!  On Sunday night we visited the spectacular light show, Vivid Sydney and were awed by the amazing artistic transformation of the city.  And Saturday saw us taking a trip to North Head lookout.  The view of the city was out of this world. 
 And I'm not joking when I tell you it was one of the most windy days I've experienced in a long time...
 It made us all go a little crazy!

Now, before I forget - I must share the winners of the Creative Card giveaway...

Congrats Melisa and Amy!  I'll email you with more info :)


The Kings said...

oh Carli you make me laugh. Nice hand on the boob there. Fil looks so cute. Can't wait to see pics of her little one.

IKABAGS said...

Hey :)) bonjour

You are still with your handmade bag :)


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