Friday, 7 September 2012

.Saffron's Wombat Wonderland.

We all love Saffron Craig, right?  She is a fab fabric designer, I've been a fan of her stuff for a long time.  Even before we became buddies in real life.  She pretty much rocks at everything she does.  
I was honoured to be asked to take part in her Wombat Wonderland blog tour.  Have you seen her new Wombat Wonderland range?  I was smitten from the first time she showed it to me...the colours are just lovely - soft and pretty and a beautiful representation of the Australian wombat.  I love Saffron's talent in taking Australian flora and fauna and creating fabric that is modern and contemporary.  Prints suited for both children and adults, perfect for sewing clothing, making homewares and bags.
Wombat Wonderland is printed on 100% organic cotton (something I think we'll see a lot more from Saffron) and has the most luxurious, sateen-y feel.  Kind of reminds me of a heavier version of cotton voile.  The soft drape makes it ideal for sewing clothing, just what I like!  
Saffron sent me a selection of her new fabrics to have a play with.  First up, I made a beanbag pod for the kids.  Super easy - two 1m diameter circles sewed together! 
Cute, huh?  I think it will eventually live in the rumpus (when we get around to cleaning it up!) and can imagine the kids playing with their toys on it.
For now, they've been enjoying lounging around on it (she comes home filthy from school...)
And it's been keeping Tommy nice and cosy as he recovers from a bout of tonsillitis this week.
I also sewed Lil a new Summer dress (one day soon it will be warm enough to wear it with short sleeves under!)  I used my Fab Frocks pattern and added a contrast strip to the bottom of the dress because she wanted it to be a "down" (long) one!  At this rate, it will fit her for the next 3 years!!
Thanks Saffron for sharing your gorgeous fabric with me.  It was a dream to sew with!
Make sure you check out Wombat Wonderland in Saffron's online store. 
And to follow the rest of the Wombat Wonderland blog tour, take a look at the schedule here.


Kelly said...

That beanbag pod is awesome Toni. The fabric is so sweet. And Lil's dress is fabulous xx

Cass said...

Love the beanbag pod Toni. I was looking for something to make for an outdoor movie party. Did you just fill them with bean bag filling?

Saffron said...

Thanks Toni for the love. :)

herosgal said...

The bean bag pod is adorable. My little Ethan would love something like that since he seems to like the dog bed and they are similarly shaped. But I just wanted to ask what exactly did you stuff it with?

Libby said...

Yes, what did you fill the bean bag with??

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