Saturday, 8 December 2012

.Our Queensland Escape.

I'm emerging from catching up after our latest trip to Queensland. We have been VERY lucky this year to have two trips to the Sunny state - the first was planned for awhile, but this most recent one happened because my littlest brother got married! We're not complaining, it was the perfect excuse to escape and get stuck into some hot weather and soak up a bit of sun.
I was so happy that my morning sickness started getting a bit better the week before we left, so I could enjoy the trip without feeling rotten all the time. We were spoiled with a pool at Jaron's sister's house and made sure that we had multiple swims a day. Lil cracked us up with her swimming attire...always goggles, floaties and flippers. She is such a clown! The kids gained so much more confidence in the water being able to swim so much - one of the downsides to living in a cooler's harder to go swimming so often.

Lil and Coda were so happy to be united again!
We surprised the kids (and ourselves) and had a holiday in our holiday and went to the Gold Coast for a night. We had planned on going to Seaworld for the day and found out that it was only an extra $40 to stay at the Seaworld Resort and have two days entry into the park. Such a great deal and lots of fun. We did heaps more swimming and learning and exploring.

But the highlight of our trip was seeing these two wed. The ceremony was beautiful - with a few "Cade" jokes included and Talissa looked stunning. Right now they are honeymooning in Bali (just a little bit jealous) but will be returning to us on Christmas Eve to settle not far away - horray for another Uncle and Aunty close by!

Us, on the way to the wedding

Tommy with his pre-wedding comb-over
Crazy, best friend cousins
A few days before the wedding, we visited the Brisbane Temple. We don't have many opportunities to visit the temple - especially as a family so it was important to us to make sure the children had a chance to walk around and soak it all in.
Tommy had the perfect solution to keeping cool in the sweltering heat - and it didn't have anything to do with dipping his feet in the fountain like Lil!
As much as we love our getaways, it is always nice to get home. Although this time it would be good to be sent a few more degrees to add to our not-very-Summerish days! Fingers crossed Summer will be with us in full swing very soon!!!


charlotte said...

Bahaha that photo of Tommy is a classic, and I never noticed Lil in the background til now.
Glad you guys had so much fun.

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