Tuesday, 15 January 2013

.Little Girl Dresses.

It's so much fun having two lovely little nieces, this Christmas I took advantage of it and made them a cute dress each. I so wish that I was more into sewing when Lil was little, she would have had the best wardrobe ever! Oh well, for now I'll have to get my little girl sewing fix by making things for Poppy and Nancy!
This one was for Poppy. I used the free pattern for the Cross Over Pinafore found here. It was very straight forward and easy to sew. The pinafore is reversible, giving two dresses in one. I also made a nappy cover using Dana's free pattern here. Because the dress is so open in the back, it really needs something underneath, especially for Summer. A pair of tights would look cute for cooler weather.
And this one was for Nancy:
I made these dresses before I found out I was having a baby boy and while I was in production-line mode, sewed another one for myself *just in case*. I'm not sure what I'll do with it...present box for another little girl or maybe I'll hang onto it for another day.
Erin McMorris, La Dee Da, Oopsy Daisy in aqua
Erin McMorris, Weekends, Dots & Loops in violet
Alexander Henry, Birdseed in pink
Sandi Henderson, Ginger Blossom, Vintage Dot in breeze
David Walker, Get Together, Flock of Birds in gray
Anthology Fabrics, Sweet Tea, Floral Burst in coral
Sarah Jane, Children At Play, Gingham in coral    


Megan meggipeg said...

Those are just gorgeous. I love the fabric combinations you chose. I have made the same pants a few times for my baby niece. I think that sweet little top will be next on my list.

Sarah said...

These are adorable Toni! So so sweet.

Burun Esteti─či said...

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Little Boo Teek said...

I really love the idea of reversible clothes for younger children due to the fact they grow out of clothes so quick. So instead of spending money on two clothes you have to options in one.The bloomers are so cute too! Thanks for writing this post !

Little Peeps Clothing said...

Thank you for sharing you design. I really like the wrap over idea as it so much easy to put onto a moving child especially the ones that do not like to get dressed.

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