Tuesday, 5 February 2013

.Back to School 2013.

And before we know it, Summer holidays are over. It's always bittersweet, sending the kids back to school. Sad, because our relaxing, holiday mode is over for awhile but nice to get back into routine and for the kids to see their friends again.
This year, we are very lucky that a brand new Primary School has opened just down the road from our house. The school is amazing, with everything brand new and architecturally designed. The classrooms are just beautiful and it was really exciting to go and have a look around this morning when we dropped the kids off for school.

Lil is in Prep this year (her first year of full-time school) and was feeling very grown up this morning and excited to see her little friends again.
Oscar started grade 2 and wasn't as enthusiastic about going back to school as Lil was, but once he got there he was okay and had a really good day too.
Lucky today was Tommy's daycare day because this little boy was adamant that he was going to school too! It's going to be tough dropping the others off every day and taking him home with me. I'm predicting some tantrums already so will have to make sure we have some fun things to go home to every day!
And what about me? What did I get up to on my child-free day today? I've had a lovely break from Make It Perfect work over the holidays (I think I worked out long ago that there just wasn't any point trying to keep it up in the holidays!) and was eager to get stuck back into it today. I did lots of planning and a little bit of sewing - I want to try and have a few patterns up my sleeve to give me a break once I have the baby so have a few action packed months ahead of me! ** Have you tried the new choc mint Kit Kats? Best things ever! This pregnancy has turned me into a Kit Kat lover - before, it was always Cadbury, but since being pregnant, I'm liking Nestle more. ** Inspired by a few fellow Instagrammers I put a little note and chocolate on each of the kids beds to surprise them with when they got home (they loved it!) ** and quickly baked some muffins for afternoon tea (thankyou Betty).
But it wasn't all work...I managed to put my feet up for half an hour before school pick up and have a little rest in my absolutely silent house - I love Tuesdays!


Lisa Prebble said...

I remember those days! Lovely post Toni...and I've always preferred Nestle's :)

Iprefervintage said...

An afternoon to yourself at home. How wonderful. I'll bet it felt good.

Us mom's need that from time to time.

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