Thursday, 28 February 2013

.More Summer Carnival.

I'm back with a few more versions of Summer Carnival to share with you. I really like how this pattern can be made to suit a boy just as much as it can be for a girl.  
Here is little Nancy (who is very much a girl!) wearing the boy version - and if you aren't into frills and ruffles for your little girl, then this version would be equally cute for her too.

And because I'm still crazy about this beautiful lightweight denim, I had to sew up a denim version too...with ruffles, but looking a little less fussy in a plain fabric. (Oh, Nancy Noo - you are super cuuuuute!)
You've still got a day to enter the Summer Carnival pattern giveaway here - pop on over and leave a comment for your chance to win!

Make It Perfect, Summer Carnival pattern
Umbrella Prints, Oasis, Elephants in Olive
Texan Light Weight Denim


Anonymous said...

My little girl will look stunning in this- inspired by gorgeous Nancy, maybe my Lily will start walking in them too!!!

charlotte said...

Oooh love the denim!

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