Friday, 15 March 2013

.For my little Superhero.

The littlest boy was in need of some new tshirts.  Great! I love sewing tops for the kids, especially when my collection of knit fabrics is growing rapidly, it helps me to justify my fabric stash when I don't end up buying any clothes for them at the shops.
I bought this superhero fabric in organic cotton knit from Spoonflower last year. I love the design for bigger boys as it can be hard to find a printed fabric that doesn't look too young once they start to get older. 
I used my Basic Tees pattern, but I was worried about it looking like a pyjama top though so opted to go with the patterned fabric only on the front and used plain black for the back, sleeves and neckline binding. I think I've got a winner and will be using this same design in the, it means that I am left with more fabric for other projects!
And of course superhero fabric requires some muscle poses.
This next top was made using a pattern from Ottobre Summer 3/2009. #24 "Jungle Tshirt" . I like the design with contrast fabric sleeve panels to add a bit of interest. I've sewed this size for Tommy before, but for some reason this pattern seems to run a little on the large size. Which I'm pleased about because it means that he should be wearing it for quite awhile.

My new labels stood out a bit too much to sew them to the exterior of the tops, so I used them as an inside tag instead and added a size label to the side. I'm usually pretty slack at adding size labels even though I've got them sitting in my sewing cupboard, so much better when I remember to sew in though - good for remembering what size I've sewed, and determining the back of the top. I don't know how many times I've had to turn the kids tops around because they've been put on back the front!!
I've got a couple more tops to share, but this post is getting a bit pic-heavy so I'll save them for another day!

Superhero Tshirt -
Make It Perfect, Basic Tees pattern
Cool Comic Book Heroes knit fabric from Spoonflower
Black knit fabric from black tshirts of mine that I don't wear anymore
Striped Tshirt -
Stella knit in Navy


Anonymous said...

Tommy is the cutest little man and has a gorgeous smile.
Love auntie Lorraine.

Kelly said...

Tommy looks so cute in his new shirts. Gorgeous Toni xxx

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