Wednesday, 10 April 2013

.Lucy's Cowl.

Another Honey Cowl finished and gifted. I think I've just about worked through the last of the yarn I bought for Honey Cowl knitting. But that doesn't mean that I'll be stopping - it is the best gift! And I've got plans to have a go at knitting some multi-coloured striped cowls, I think they will look great!
This one was knitted using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Pink-A-Boo. 
I made it for this sweet girl who is leaving for London any day now to serve a mission for our church. I have had a lot to do with Lucy over the last few years and was privileged to be one of her youth leaders so am really excited to see her going on a mission and know she is going to be the best missionary ever!
I haven't knitted anything in a few weeks but am itching to start another project. I don't know what to tackle next though - any suggestions? What are your favourite knitting projects? I want to stock up on some yarn and patterns for post-baby couch crafting...let me know if you have any good suggestions!


The Kings said...

Gorgeous Lucy. It looks lovely on her and will come in handy for sure.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colour, and Lucy will be a fabulous missionary.
I can't get over how much she looks like her Auntie Kristy.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

miranda said...

I love the honey cowl for a gift it will definitely be on my to do list. I am making beanies for all my nephews and niece for Christmas and using a raverly pattern reports by Amy miller, not too hard can be picked up and put down easily in between feeds. Enjoy those newborn cuddles as they grow up way to fast!

miranda said...

Espirts by Amy miller, sorry, the phone asumed the wrong word:-)

Kelly said...

It is beautiful Toni. And that colour is just gorgeous!

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