Sunday, 21 April 2013

.ON: growing, nesting labour.

With just over 4 weeks until D-day, I've got lots running through my head at the moment. I quite like the rush I get leading up to having a new To-Do List gets even longer than usual and I actually manage to work through it at a faster pace than usual because I know that soon enough things will change dramatically and I'll be lucky to cook dinner and get the washing each day! Here are some of my thoughts this week...

On Growing:

Me at 11 weeks pregnant vs. 35 weeks pregnant.

Funny how you forget just how massive your tummy is going to get! When I was 11 weeks I thought I had a poking out tummy - ha! What I'd give to look like that right now!!!  It seems like the last couple of weeks I have gone from feeling comfortable with a nice sized tummy to getting very large and a lot more uncomfortable. Sleeping is hard, even when I am really tired. I'm just trying to view it as my body's way of preparing me for sleepless nights in the future. But, I have to admit that this is the best late stage of pregnancy I've had out of all four babies. I don't know why, because I am older and busier this time but think it might have something to do with starting much fitter and continuing my gym regime throughout the entire pregnancy. I've only just started to slow down now, but still manage to make a couple of classes a week and plan to keep doing so for the next month.

On Nesting:
I love this instinct! I have set myself a goal to clean out every single cupboard in the house before I have the baby and I'm about half way through. Our house is for sale (anyone want to buy it - please?! We love this one but have great plans for the next one!) and if it happens to sell just after I have the baby I want to make sure that I'm not stressed out trying to clean and pack at the same time so I am getting rid of junk and clutter while I have the time and energy.
Aside from doing lots of cleaning jobs, I've been sewing like a mad woman! New patterns, birthday presents for the next few months, kids clothes, baby clothes...I've got a big "To Sew" list and I seem to be adding to it as quickly as I cross items off! 
This big pile is a peek at what I've sewn over the last two weeks - mad woman, I tell ya! - but sewing really is a relaxing pastime for me. Some people prefer reading, others watch TV, but I find joy in making! I feel like I'm bonding with the baby as I sew things for him. I imagine what they will look like on him and get all excited about finally meeting him. And when I get my act together, I'll photograph all of these goodies to share over the next few weeks too!

On Labour:
My attention has also been focused on labour. It's no secret that I'm a labour-junkie. It's hard to explain...I feel the pain and in the moment I don't think I'd be telling you that I'm having fun, but I love the rush of labour - the lead up to it and the moments right after. I'm getting a little excited about doing it again! I've been very blessed to have straight-forward and relatively short labours though - and in my mind I can't see this one being tough after the last three, but I keep having to remind myself that it could be a killer and not to get my hopes up too high! (See Lil's labour story here and Tommy's here - Oscar's was 7 hours and very "text-book", I've got it written down in a journal and should transfer it to the blog sometime for safekeeping.) Aside from thinking about labour, I've been spending a bit of time watching as many episodes of One Born Every Minute that I can get my hands on and have watched the Call The Midwife series too. I love seeing how different women respond to labour and how their labours progress. Call The Midwife is a very educating peek into how pregnancy and childbirth was dealt with in the 1950's - watch it if you haven't already. How things have progressed and improved with time! If I had to choose a new profession, I think I'd choose midwife. Or maybe a doula? Anything to get me into as many labours as possible!!


Monkeysinmypocket said...

I'm jealous of all your sewing. I barely get a chance to even look at my sewing machine! Good luck with your newest baby and the labor. I only got to labor once - with my first - and I must say I think I might have felt the same way, I loved it, I loved everything about it - all 40hrs of it!!haha! My youngest is 3 and a half weeks now. I don't get to have anymore. I envy those that do! Much love to you and happy nesting!

Iprefervintage said...

Labor? Never thought I hear another woman say she enjoyed labor. LOL

Numbers 1 and 3 were horrible for me. number 2 slid right on out.

Nothing more beautiful than holding a new baby in your arms though. I am excited for you and your family. Can't wait to see a picture of him when he arrives.

Kelly said...

Oh hoe exciting - your little man will be here so soon.
You have been busy - that raccoon fabric is absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see it all. You are amazing Toni!
Hope you get everything done that you need to before bubba arrives xxx

~ Kim ~ said...

What a glorious pile of sewn clothes. I wish I could have the time to do it. I have fast labours too and my 4th one was a bit longer as he was 4kgs. I kept telling myself: this is the last time I have to do it! I had him kneeling on the bed and boy did I feel every bit of pain but I really love the moment just after the baby comes out and the newborn cuddles. Oh and the hot shower is pretty awesome too! All the best for your labour.

Nettie's Blog said...

you look amazing Toni...and i am a huge fan of Call the Midwife ..I could seriously watch the series over again and your thoughts on the nesting instinct women have...i was like that too..(i just remember) mmmm..good luck with the labor part...XXX

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