Thursday, 16 May 2013

.naming a baby: 1 week till d-day!.

How do you name a baby?

This naming a baby business is doing my head in! How do you do it? Naming a baby is such a big deal - you are responsible for giving this little person the title that they will be referred to for their whole life. If that isn't difficult enough, getting both Mum and Dad to agree on one name is even harder! 

Oscar's name just clicked one day, I don't think we actually thought about it that much, it just popped into my head and we both liked it and it was done. I heard Lil's name in a restaurant one of the wait staff called out "Lil" to someone in the kitchen and I was sold! Tommy is a family name (after my Dad) and it's completely fitting that we named him Tommy because he has SO many characteristics and similarities to Dad.

But this one…it's so tricky.

I could name a zillion girls - girl's names can be pretty and sweet and cute and quirky and tomboyish…but it seems that a boys name needs more thought and attention.

I've got a handful of names that I actually really like, but Jaron isn't coming to the party with any of them!

Thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends I think we have agreed on one. (Really, I was lying in bed one night and picked up the Thomas book sitting on my bedside table and read them all out!)

But I'm not spilling the beans because you already know that we're having a boy so I've got to surprise you with something, right?! You'll find out soon is week 39, so I'm expecting to have this baby boy in about 2 weeks!
I've been consistently 6 days overdue with all of my babies, so am planning on it happening that way again this time...I'll be in for a shock if this one decides to make an early appearance because I've got my schedule planned for the next 2 weeks and am still whittling away at my list of things to do before baby!

I did, however get myself a little bit organised today and finally made a start on the hospital bag. With Tommy, I didn't start packing until I was actually in labour (I know, 6 days overdue...what was I thinking?!) and his labour was so fast that it was very rushed and a little bit stressful leaving it until the last minute!
We keep chatting about what this little one is going to look like...our other three have been totally different as babies. From completely different moulds so I wonder whether this one is going to have a different look altogether or take after one of the others?
Time will only tell!


thingsforboys said...

I packed my hospital bag today too! 38 weeks and counting. I was 10 days over with Roman, so hope I don't have to wait that long this time. Naming is soooo tricky! Roman was easy, that was a family name. I don't think we'll ever get to use our girl's name, but that was also an easy pick. We think we've sorted our name this time, but are having real trouble with the middle name...I think they're even harder!

Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad said...

Enjoy the last couple of weeks in your normality as you know it. It will be very exciting for your family to welcome a new addition. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and I think we have a name too! :)

Charlotte E said...

I too was packing my hospital bag whilst in labour. My excuse though is that my daughter was impatient and decided to appear at 35 weeks!

We were overwhelmed with gorgeous girl names but underwhelmed with the boys names.

My daughter's name 'Aurora' went on the list when we had a work experience girl join us with that name and it just stuck.

Best of luck in your preparations.

lisa said...

I'm so excited for you! A new baby! We just had our 5th baby and I find picking a name to be one of the most exciting parts! :) I try to think of names from literature, and I *always* keep my ears open in public to hear name ideas. Can't wait for your news!!

Michelle said...

i must be a complete weirdo.. i have all my babies' names picked even before they were concieved! i have a son and two daughters, and if i were to have a new baby today, i already know what it's name would be :P

Jayjay said...

I always enjoy your blog and just want to wish you well for the coming weeks. Take care.

Mari said...

We have a Thomas and his older brother used to think we named Tom after Thomas the Tank Engine. He wanted the next baby to be called Percy or Daisy if it was a girl..
There are some great names in those stories, though I'd probably stay clear of Cranky :)

Our kids all had to have names that would work in English and Norwegian and match a German surname. Then there is the consideration of what the initials would be. Couldn't have any names of past boy/girl friends or people that really bugged us :) We used family names for all the kids, but it was a relief that the youngest is a girl, because by then we could not agree on any boys names that we liked.

Rose said...

I agree that girls names are easier! There are a few boys names I quite like from 'Thomas' though - will have to remember that when / if we have another baby... Good luck with everything in the next few weeks!

Ange Moore said...

My cousin already had a James and a Thomas so she felt she had to go with a third Tank Engine name - they ended up with a Henry!!

I don't think you're alone in being inspired by Thomas characters - also know a Fergus who was named after one of his brothers toys!!

I think the other place for inspiration is ABC for Kids - my niece and nephew are Maisie (like the mouse) and Finley (like the fire engine) and we laugh that if they ever have other children they could be Peppa (as in pig) or Rory (like the racing car)!!

Good luck for the next 2 weeks!!

Kathryn said...

Ohhhh I so agree that boy names are so hard! I guess that's why I have all boys ;)
There are some good boy names on Thomas - I vote for Harvey, Max, Nelson or Paxton!! Lol
It really got to the point for us that we have a list and then need to see our baby to decide what name we gravitate toward. Ethan was the only baby named the day he was born and that was hrs after his birth.
All the best for a super smooth delivery and recovery Toni

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