Thursday, 9 May 2013

.Sewing for Baby: boy + girl.

 A baby born at the beginning of winter has got to have a whole slew of beanies, right? Baby beanies are the quickest and easiest project, lots of fun and super cute.
These two were made using Ottobre patterns: Autumn 4/2011: "Lucovica Beanie" and Autumn 4/2008: "Jetro Beanie Hat". The top one was the smallest size given and is huge. I think it will fit a one year old more than a little baby so will have to go into hibernation until next winter. I love the little ears on the bottom beanie, I think I positioned them a bit too high, but it will look cute anyway! 
These two beanies ended up being a dodgy pattern (from Ottobre Spring 1/2012: "Ernie Striped Beanie") I couldn't for the life of me work out how they went together (so maybe it is the dodgy pattern reader's fault?!) and instead of contrast fabric being on the inside of the beanie, it ended up being different fabric front and back, which I wasn't keen on. I had already cut the pattern pieces out though and didn't want to waste them so transformed what I had already cut out into simple little reversible beanies with fold-up edges. The grey/green one is teeny so will fit him right away...especially if he is a Tommy-sized baby and ends up being miniature! (Does anyone want a quick tutorial to learn how to make these for yourself or are they simple enough you can work it out on your own?)
I had been itching to sew some of my little baby outfits for a girl - especially since I have so many lovely girl-friendly knit fabrics. When Ashley tested my Waterfall Blouse pattern, I couldn't resist making her a little girl outfit for her next little baby.  I used the bodysuit pattern from Ottobre Winter 6/2012. "Kisuliini Raglan-Sleeve Bodysuit." 
And the pants are from Ottobre Spring 1/2012 called "Little Houses Knit Pants."(I feel like a broken record blogging the pattern specs every time but I know if I don't I'll have people emailing me for more info!)
And lastly (for today) a couple of basic bodysuits from Ottobre Summer 3/2010: "Hau Hau Bodysuit". I wanted to keep these plain as they are just going to be used as undersuits instead of a singlet. Nothing fancy going on here, but they are practical and will be easy to wear, especially with the envelope neckline. 
I think I better take myself off to baby clothes sewing anonymous...this is getting out of control!


Anonymous said...

Your sewing looks fantastic!! I would love if you did a tutorial to make the beanies; would be really handy for a beginner like me. Thanks.

Ange Moore said...

Gorgeous sewing - and you can never have too many baby clothes, especially those very comfy basics. Love the beanies - although the blue stripy one look huge!!

thingsforboys said...

Wow you have been busy! Gorgeous as always! I've got 3 weeks to go and have no energy to do anything at all. I have a few projects cut out, but no desire to sew them up.

Erin said...

Wow Toni... You are sewing up a storm! Putting me to shame. Sounds like you need to write your own make it perfect winter beanie pattern!

Kelly said...

Absolutely gorgeous Toni! I bet Ashley will love the set you made her bubby. So so cute!

Lesley said...

They are gorgeous, I think had the same problem with the beanie lol!!

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