Thursday, 2 May 2013

.Sewing for Nancy.

Checking in to share some recently finished sewing projects. I made these for my niece, Nancy's first birthday.
A teeny little Uptown Girl:
Reversible and made snuggly with a layer of quilt batting in between.
And here's the busy little girl trying it on - she is super busy...I forgot how hard it is to get a photo of a toddling 1 year old!
I also made up a long-sleeve top and leggings set from Ottobre Spring 1/2011. The top is "White Rabbit" and leggings are called "Sortilege".

The leggings have gathering at the bottom with a covering trim and buttons. Easy to sew and easy to wear!
Make It Perfect Uptown Girl pattern
Michelle Engel Bencsko, Simpatico, On Point in Peachy
Anthology, Sweet Tea, Scattered Ombre Dots in Multi


margie said...

I have made three variations of this coat for my fabulous granddaughter, Abigail. However, she has now outgrown all of them and I so much wish you had a pattern for larger sizes. It is a terrific coat which she has loved and on which she has gotten endless compliments. Is there a larger size of this pattern available? Please say yes!

Kayla Christie said...

oh my goodness, LOVE LOVE LOVE the top and leggings!!!! LOVE!!

Unknown said...

Lovely work Toni!

Nikki said...

They are super cute Toni...I LOVE the jacket fabrics!!

charlotte said...

Love them! And I saw Nancy wearing he jacket today, super cute!

Suz said...

Gorgeous jacket!! Love the fabrics...Looks so warm too:)

Iprefervintage said...

I love the style of both the leggings and the jacket. Excellent fabric choices too.

Unknown said...

I feel very green at sewing when I see items such as this wonderful jacket. Me eldest is 20 and hopefully many years yet from having a baby but I cannot help feeling a tinge of keenness to have the reason to make one. Maybe the positive it to think that maybe by that time I will have progressed from your baby blanket. - possible ?? My job this evening my second blanket. :)

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