Friday, 18 October 2013

.Harvey: 4 months.

Here's Mr Harvey. Another month older.
Reaching 4 months resulted in some bad sleeping from the boy. (Sleeping - or not sleeping - always seems to be the hot topic of conversation with babies, doesn't it?!) We got things better in the night time, down to two feeds a night now and he is going to bed around 7:30pm at the same time as the other kids which is great but day naps have been terrible. He started cat napping for only 30-40 minutes at a time in the day. It was driving me absolutely crazy because he would wake up grumpy so obviously wasn't ready to wake up yet but I could never get him back to sleep again. When he started being really bad, we were about to have a lot of disruptions to routine - school holidays, visitors and our trip to Sydney so I didn't bother trying to make any changes until this week when things have been more normal for us. We've made some big improvements this week, I can usually rock him back to sleep when he wakes up and he will go back to sleep for another hour or so. Fingers crossed we can keep it up for the next few weeks and retrain him to have longer naps again...I know the hard yards now will be worth it in the long run! Can't wait for the day he is having two big naps and I can start getting some work done again!
Harvey has rolled over a couple of times this week from his back to his tummy. He does it without realising though, usually when he is reaching for something but I have a feeling he is going to be on the move sooner than we want!
 And of course, he is wearing one of his little Mama-made outfits again. You can read more about this one here. I'm thinking any little nephews that are born into the family in the future are going to have a whole wardrobe of lovely clothes to wear - Harvey grows so quickly that everything I've made for him still looks brand new!


Lauren said...

Being 4 months is hard. Babies learn new tricks and are more aware. He will get back on track.
The boy clothes are so cute makes me want to sew for my boys.

Kelly said...

He is so adorable.

Jodie said...

He is just gorgeous ! I emailed you a couple of little things...

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