Monday, 16 December 2013

.Harvey: 6 months.

Yay! We survived the first 6 months of baby-life and celebrated with a half-birthday!

I'm happy we have reached the 6 month mark. I love having tiny, cuddly, sleepy newborns but always find the 3-6 month age difficult. They start to wake up more, and want to do more but their little bodies aren't physically ready to sit and roll as much as they would like. Once we hit 6 months it gets easier though and I feel like we are getting into a much better routine.
Turning 6 months brought about lots of change...which wasn't initially a good thing because he got really unsettled. His sleeping went even more downhill and I decided to get serious with trying to get things sorted out. I read Save Our Sleep and adopted a few principles from there which really helped a lot. I couldn't commit to the whole strict routine that is suggested in the book but the bits and pieces I did use did seem to work and put us back on the right track. He went from waking every hour or two during the night and only having 40 minute naps during the day to sleeping from 7pm - 3am or 4am (with a dreamfeed at 11pm that I cut out after about 1 month). And then usually sleeping again until around 6am or 7am. It is heaven to have my evenings and a bit of solid sleep back again! We are still working on longer day time naps but every couple of days he will sleep for 2 hours unassisted so finger crossed that will turn into more of a habit on his own. Harvey also made the move out of our bedroom into a room on his own which helps with sleeping so, so much. He is out of the hammock and into a cot and not being swaddled to sleep anymore. That was such a hard habit to break, I don't remember the other kids caring so much about being wrapped to go to sleep but he really loved it. He started rolling around his cot too much though and I didn't want to keep his arms restricted if he was moving about.
Harvey started on solids about 2 weeks before he turned 6 months and happily guzzles up every little bit. I don't think we are going to have any issues with this boy and food! He has happily eaten a whole range of fruits and vegetables, some weetbix, and chicken but his absolute favourites are banana and greek yoghurt. The yoghurt especially - he cries when it is all gone and will keep eating it if I offered it to him, which I don't because he is still pretty spewy and yoghurt spew is not good news!
He also started sitting on his own this month which has made him heaps happier, it is much easier for him to play with toys and things around him and see what is going on now. And his rolling is out of control, he moves around the room so fast now and sometimes will even make his way to me when I am in the dining room or the kitchen!
You are growing up way too fast little boy! Slow down for the next month, okay? I don't want you to lose those chubba cheeks yet!


Talissa Triffitt said...

Love Mr. Chuckles and his very kissable cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Harvey is simply adorable! You sure do make beautiful bubbas. Just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Lara Simpson said...

He's so adorable! He sounds a lot like our first son Oliver. I always think they operate on more of a 48 hour sleep cycle than a 24 hour cycle! Good luck and hope the sleeping we'll continues for you!

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