Monday, 2 December 2013

.Harvey models.

Aaah, this little boy is just getting cuter every single day. 6 months in and I'm just starting to feel as though I can accomplish more than general house and Mum stuff again. I didn't think it would take this long but sleeping (or lack of) has taken it's toll and everything just seems extra busy.
Having said that, I still haven't touched anything Make It Perfect related for a long time but I am getting the urge to start creating new patterns again and that's a good thing! I've learned over the last few years not to push it, inspiration will come when the time is right.
There has been a little bit of Harvey sewing going on though. A growing baby does that. I'm actually looking forward to him not growing quite so quickly now so that his clothes fit for a bit longer! 
This long-sleeved top is from Ottobre 4/2012. "Mint tshirt." I like the opening at the back of the neckline, it really does making dressing a lot happier and easier. I'm not totally in love with this beaver fabric...some days I like it more than others though, and the colours and nice and fresh.
The pants are from Ottobre 1/2013. "Tiikeri sweatpants." I used french terry lycra for these and like the extra thickness in the fabric. These are a cute fit, and would work well for a crawling baby.
I was sorting through some photos and realised that I hadn't shared photos of Harvey wearing his hoody jacket. This one is made from french terry lycra too and has been worn heaps. I'll be making more of these for next winter. You can read more about the jacket here.


Little Gumnut said...

wow, they look incredible. I especially like the hoodie with the handshaped pockets!

~ Kim ~ said...

He's so cute! Love those outfits. You're amazing sewing with the knits and terry. I'm too scared, esp. that ribbing. It's awesome. Weather has been up and down so he'll get good use out of those. Merry Christmas to you and your famliy.

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