Friday, 3 January 2014

.Christmas 2013.

Happy New Year everyone! We've had a fun and crazy couple of weeks in the Coward household, I thought I'd better share some photos from our Christmas celebrations before 2014 soldiers on anymore.

This Christmas we got sick - yippee! I think the end of the year and break from routine messed us up a bit and there seemed to be someone in the family sick from the last week of school until just a few days ago. I came down with the flu a couple of days before Christmas and felt pretty rotten for the rest of the week - and managed to pass it onto most of the extended family members too (sorry guys!) Despite the sickness we still had a fun Christmas and lead-up to it. I hardly took any photos because I was happier chilling on the couch but life goes on, right?!

Here are a few snaps from before and during present opening at Mum and Dad's house...
The kids were really cute and so so so excited about Christmas. Amongst other things, we wrapped up plane tickets to New Zealand for them to open on Christmas day. We planned our trip to visit family a few months ago but have been keeping it a secret from the kids. They were so excited and we've been counting down the sleeps until we go - only 4 now!
We are loving school holidays, it's the best feeling not having to be rushed getting ready in the morning. I feel a bit bad because we have been having a lot of home time, but it's taken awhile to get back on top of things after being sick and the general Christmas busyness and knowing that we are going on a holiday next week I don't feel too guilty because it's going to be fun, fun, fun when we get to New Zealand!


thingsforboys said...

Oh wow! What a fun surprise! I hope you have a wonderful time in's such a beautiful place!

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