Tuesday, 18 March 2014

.Harvey Charles: 9 months.

9 MONTHS! I'm in denial. Where has my sleepy baby gone?
 It is getting increasingly difficult to take monthly shots of Harvey (aka "The Boof"). The minute I sit him down, he is leaning over and ready to take off so I quickly snap a few shots then get him back into position! Why did I choose a bed as the location for these photos?!
 He is moving around faster every day now and getting a lot more adventurous. Just this week he decided that he could crawl down the steps (just 2 of them!) from our deck onto the grass and makes his way around the backyard all the time now! Then when he has had enough he somehow manages to crawl back up the steps and into the house. No one has seen him get up or down the steps yet so I'm not sure if it's a smooth hike or not, but he doesn't cry so it can't be that bad! He is a toughie though, and doesn't usually cry unless the hurt is really sore!!
This month Harvey has learned to clap hands, wave and give high-fives. As sad as I am that he is growing up, it makes me so happy seeing how the older three kids are with him now that he is so interactive and wants to be a part of everything that is going on around him. They spend so much more time with him now that he can do fun tricks! I often find them giving him a ride on the swing or pushing him around on the little ride-on car.
We have a little family chant that goes, "Harvey, Harvey, Harvey..." while we clap along to the beat and as soon as Harvey hears it he grins and does a little bopping dance for us. So, so cute! As he gets older we are starting to notice some of his personality traits emerging. He seems to have a strong determination and finds a way to get to where ever or what ever he wants. He loves to perform for an audience and continues to be obsessed with food! Happy 9 months buddy!


Simone Triffitt said...

Oh wow what a cutie!!

Cullis Family said...

He is soooo gorgeous Toni! But honestly where has that nine months gone?!

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