Thursday, 24 April 2014

.Long Boards for the boy who smiles.

Setting the record straight today: this boy does smile. Just not for the camera that often, until I told him that he looks like a boy who lives in a stinky house, with a stinky family. And then I got a little smile.
But it didn't last for long.
Oscar just keeps on shooting up in height. He towers over Lil and is quickly catching up to me. He still ONLY wears shorts, and we added a couple of new pairs of Long Boards to his wardrobe a few months ago.

They always start off extra long, but you need to sew like that for a fast-grower.
These are still his favourite shorts with a comfortable ribbed waistband, front pockets, mock front fly and patches on reinforced knees.
It won't be long until he's outgrown this pattern, then I might have to start buying shorts at a shop for him. Not sure that I remember how to do that though...I did try a little while ago and it was sad and boring. Does anyone else sew for their boys older than 10?
Make It Perfect Long Boards pattern (avaliable in PDF download here)
Emily Herrick, Technicolor, Braid in Navy
Riley Blake, Hipster, Mirrah Leaf in Blue 


Caroline said...

gorgeous boy :) I still sew for my foster sons, both eleven. One is a size 8-10 and the other a 12-14. I like RabbitRabbitCreations Surfer Shorts which go to a size 12, Fishsticks Designs Inside or Out Pocket Pants also go to a size 12. Ellie Inspired Big Island Board Shorts go to a size 12. LOL I just realised I am finding patterns for you and you are a great Designer and can easily make your own. My apologies... :) . By the way, if you decide to make your Long Boards in larger sizes, I'm there!

Rachelle said...

I still sew for my 11 year old and my 9 year old. I'll have to continue sewing for the 9 year old for a long time I think simply because he's skinny and to get the length things fall off him.

Kirsty said...

Another blog I follow sews for all her children and a few are well and truly over 10. Check it out -

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