Saturday, 24 May 2014

.Baby Dream Bag: Dogs.

Here's another Baby Dream Bag I made for Harvey. 
This one has quilting cotton on the outside, knit jersey for the lining and the wadding was salvaged from one of the kids old polar fleece blankets! I held onto their old blankets when I made them all new ones this year for purposes just like this. Feels much better to re-use rather than throw them all out.
As much as Harvey loves his sleeping bags (he snuggles his head into it when he sees one!) he does NOT like putting one on when it is not sleeping time!
And here's a close-up of the chin-guard over the end of the zipper to prevent any of the cold, hard zipper touching baby's skin. Actually, the zipper guard goes right down inside the bag - I haven't got a photo of it but take a look at my tester Peta's Baby Dream Bag. It is just gorgeous and shows off the zipper guard really well.
If you want to purchase Baby Dream Bag PDF pattern at a discount price, make sure you are quick because the sale ends tomorrow night!

Make It Perfect, Baby Dream Bag sewing pattern
Michael Miller, Yap Yap in turquoise
Brown jersey knit


Anonymous said...

Hi Toni

This is so cute. I'd like to ask you about the kids Vest from your book. I used the 30cm zip as per the pattern and not matter what I did it was too long. Not sure what I've done wrong? any help appreciated as I want to make more and do the Hero Vest for both my kids.

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