Monday, 9 June 2014

.Finally FIVE!.

Our Tommy turned five yesterday. (It's just cake after cake over here lately!) The countdown was on for weeks leading up to his big day and he woke with a Tommy-smile ready for some fun! (And his cool guy pose up above.)
Tommy's birthday was wild and crazy. He has had way too many late nights and early mornings and it all caught up with him on Sunday. He was a mixture of complete happiness and excitement to major meltdowns and tantrums, and all the while we tried really hard to ignore the bad and enjoy the good to make his day special!
Amidst his moodiness of late, he still shines through with his always cheery smile and happy nature. A characteristic that is noticed by everybody and I hope stays with him for life. He is referred to as the "Smiley Boy" in many a household and definitley knows how to cheer someone up. (And I will always remember how very cute he was on his first birthday with his cheeky, toothy one year old smile.)
He had many ideas for his birthday cake, wanting an elaborate dinosaur scene, but I steered him towards a CIRCLE cake with yummy chocolate ganache. When we went to a special lolly shop together to buy a big bag of chocolate rocks he was sold, a kid in a lolly can sell them anything in that heaven! Dinosaurs from the toybox popped on top and we were done! And he was happy!
I am soaking up this last year of Tommy at home part-time before he starts school full-time next year and grows up even more. It really does go to fast...


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