Thursday, 26 June 2014

.Harvey Charles: 12 months.

Well here we are - 12 months! Bittersweet for Mama...I love little babies and would have many more if they stayed little forever - the real hard work starts when they are moving and talking and wanting. Harvey was such a lovely baby too, full of snuggles and smiles (the memories of constant spew and bad sleeping are quickly fading...) and now here he is, a big one year old.

A big one year old with two front teeth! I love it when babies get teeth later, it seems so much easier when they are eating and chewing foods to soothe their sore gums. I didn't even notice Harvey was teething until they popped through one day! And then two weeks later we noticed four teeth at the top were making their way down too. Now we have a cute, toothy one year old.
A couple of weeks before Harvey's birthday he mastered walking - he got it so quickly too, in the morning he started taking a few wobbly steps and by that evening he was toddling from one end of the house to the other. And he hasn't stopped since. We call him The Destroyer.
In the last few weeks Harvey has destroyed more things than any of my other children have in their lifetime! A full bottle of Jaron's aftershave smashed all over the bathroom floor, a remote control in the toilet, deodorant in the toilet, ceramic platter smashed, cake stand smashed, melamine bowls broken in half, massive container of rice tipped onto the kitchen floor multiple goes on. And he always follows with a cute little "uh-oh" and I can't help but smile.
We have a family chant where we sing "Harvey, Harvey, Harvey..." over and over again and Harvey will stop what he is doing, drop to his knees or all fours and rock back and forth like he is dancing. Now, he calls the shots and has started singing the chant to us until we join in then he starts clapping and dancing.
Harvey was born with big lips and I have always been expecting them to slim down as he get bigger, but they are still there and still as kissable as ever. And his chubby cheeks that get rounder and wider when he smiles. I love them.
 Little boy,  you are a pure delight. Thankyou for choosing our family and bringing us so much joy x
(Rocket top sewn from an Ottobre pattern. It comes from Ottobre 4/2011, Baby Basics T-shirt and the fabric is Rocket Boy knit by Lillestoff.)


thingsforboys said...

He's so gorgeous! I'm the opposite, I find little babies so frustrating, it's nice when they've grown up and can start to tell you what they want...oh how I'll live to regret that!

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