Saturday, 30 August 2014

.Feathered Skippy for Filly.

I have sewn a ridiculous amount of Skippy dresses. Way too many for myself, so I started giving a few away.
I made this Skippy dress for my little Sister when it was her birthday earlier this year. Fil is the kind of person who can get away with wearing absolutely anything, in fact her style is very eclectic, so I love being able to pull out fabric combinations that are a little more wild than I would usually wear!
Isn't she a cutie?!
For Filipa's Skippy dress I sewed the front and back of the top as well as the pouch pocket out of this feathered print jersey, then used a solid royal blue for everything else. Another way to use "out there" prints in a more subtle way.
Fil is a shortie, so I shortened the length of the top by 1 1/2", I didn't have to adjust the height of the pocket at all but if you shortened the top any more you would have to make the pocket height a little shorter to keep everything in proportion.
The feathered fabric is another Girl Charlee print that I wasn't thrilled with the quality of. However, it works really well when it is completely surrounded with a better quality fabric, like I have here. Notice how the feathered fabric doesn't sit directly on the outside edge of any part of the dress? The blue jersey works as a bandaid for the thin, minimal stretch feathered fabric and holds everything in place really well.
And I think that's all I have to say about this one! Have a great Saturday!!
Make It Perfect, Skippy sewing pattern
Robert Kaufman, Laguna stretch jersey in royal blue
Girl Charlee cotton jersey blend, feathers on white


Anonymous said...

I used this feather print fabric for a hoodie and was also disappointed in the quality...pretty much no stretch at all and thin. The royal blue ribbed knit I purchased at the same time was great though. good weight and stretch.

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