Tuesday, 9 September 2014

.Three Zippered Pouches.

I'm a mega list-maker...I've got lists of things to do today, this week, this month, lists of dinner ideas, lists of things to sew, lists of things to blog about...you name it, I've got a list for it! One of my most useful lists though is a list of presents to give people for their birthdays. Family members each have their own lists, but I also keep a list of ideas for presents to give to friends. It helps with the last minute "not sure what to get them" rush as I have lots of ideas at my fingertips...

...Like these Open-Wide Zip Pouches (a free tutorial from Anna of Noodlehead.) I hadn't made Anna's Zip Pouches before, but have seen them made dozens of times so knew they would be perfect as a handmade gift for friends. I accompanied these pouches with a bag full of gourmet homemade trail mix (with lots of yummy treaty bits mixed through!)
There are three different sizes given in the tutorial (although you could easily adjust the dimensions to suit yourself) and I knew that a trio of pouches would look great together. I actually stuffed up the dimensions a little so the finished pouches ended up a little taller and not as wide as they are supposed to be, no big deal though!
I really like the two-toned zippered pouches, on the bottom part of mine I cut up an old denim skirt that I haven't worn for ages. Its a really light, washed denim and looks lovely paired with the bright coloured fabrics. I think I've come up with a use for all of the old pairs of jeans I have saved up for repurposing now!
 It was fun digging through my big stash of quilting cotton and choosing some fun prints. Now that most of my clothing sewing is using knit fabric and there are so many more apparel fabrics avaliable I don't turn to my quilting cottons as much anymore. I forgot how fun they are!
Noodlehead, Open-Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial
Repurposed denim skirt
Erin McMorris, Moxie Talk Talk in Grass
Erin McMorris, Moxie Buttercup in Grass
Erin McMorris, Moxie Chatroom in Royal


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