Monday, 13 October 2014

.Baby Tops (but not for much longer).

It has been 5 months since I last shared any tops I have sewn for Harvey. This is good and bad. 
Good, because it means that the clothes I am making him now will be worn for a much longer time. 
Bad, because he isn't growing as fast which means that he isn't a baby anymore. I had to title this post "Baby Tops" because I fear that it won't be long until we are referring to Harvey as a toddler more and a baby less. Boo hoo.
The growing baby required some more tops though. I managed to squeeze the front and arms of this top out of a little piece of this favourite left over cloud fabric that I had. Because I didn't have quite enough for the whole top, I used a little left over piece of solid grey (from this dress) for the back. I like the look and think I will be using it more in the future. A good way to stretch out your favourite fabric that little bit further too!
This pattern is one that I have used a lot in the past. From Ottobre 1/2011 called "White Rabbit". I used some solid grey ribbing for the neckband and sleeve cuffs.
And this slouchy top was added to the collection too. I used a new pattern for this one - from an older Ottobre magazine: Spring 1/2009. The design is called "Muksis" jersey tunic and top" - you can definitley tell the way that trends and styles have changed over the years of Ottobre magazines. The older styles are much more slouchy and baggy. I don't mind how this top is nice and loose fitting though. It will definitley fit for a long time - particularly becasue the sleeve cuffs are folded over. 
I don't love the envelope neckline though, I never have really. It doesn't ever seem to sit right and tends to stretch out of shape. The ribbing I used to bind the edges is quite thick too so was a bit tough to sew to the shoulder seams and ended up pretty bulky, but nothing too noticeable for a baby's top. The little pouch pocket is very cute too. Unpractical, but cute!
Grey cloud jersey knit
Charcoal jersey knit
Hilco campan knit in lime/blue


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