Monday, 22 December 2014


Hello blog! I'm not sure that I remember how to do this, it has been so long!!! The last two months have been a whirlwind. We said goodbye to our fun home of 4 1/2 years at number 19...
...and hello to our new place which we finally finished building! This is our backyard - well, technically speaking these are the vacant blocks in our new subdivision that we are hoping don't sell for a long time because the kids think it is all theirs and run wild through all of that grass! We have gigantic (kind of scary) hares bouncing around all day and night - there are no bunnies here, just thumping huge hares! And so many birds...much to Harvey's delight. He is bird crazy and chases them when ever he gets the chance.
On our first night sleeping in the new house, this was the beginning of a glorious sunset - I think it was welcoming us to the neighbourhood. The sunsets here are amazing. I don't think they are different to the ones we had in town but the unobstructed horizon and clear views magnify the beauty of the sky. Sometimes at dusk, I like to go outside and watch the sun go down. With nothing but the chirping birds surrounding me, it is so peaceful. (Until one of those scary, big hares bounds by...)
The day before we moved, this was pretty much all that was left in any cupboard in the house. When Lil woke up in the morning, she went to the pantry to find something to eat and yells out, "Mum!!! Are we poor?!"
A few days after we moved, Grandie and Nana visited us from New Zealand. They were so helpful getting the old house all cleaned out and fixing things up ready for the tenants to move in. Such a relief not having to do it all on my own. Not only did they work like troopers, but they also spoiled us with babysitting, gifts and taking us out for lots of yummy lunches.

Oh, and they also brought along the biggest bag of giant marshmallows one has ever seen so we did what all newly semi-rural folk do to christen their property and had a backyard-campfire-s'mores-making session.
Upon moving into the new house, Harvey decided that he wanted to feed himself all the time. Not my favourite baby phase to get into. Especially in a brand new house with sparkling clean floors. So I pulled out the first quilt I ever made and now it is used for Harvey spill protection! He likes to tip his whole bowl of food onto the tray of the highchair and smoosh it around with his hands at every meal. And then he wears the bowl on his head like a hat. And usually walks around with crusty bits of weetbix in his hair all day long.
 So, we are in the new house. There was no internet connection for 4 weeks which was actually kind of nice for a little while. We are mostly unpacked, it feels like home, and we have about 20 years of landscaping ahead of us! One day we will get around to taking "nice" shots of the house to do a little tour for the blog. It was exhausting though, children would often fall asleep in strange and uncomfortable-looking positions!
And just in case you're wondering...the pantry is full now, but we spent all the money on food so now we are too poor to dress the baby!


Carli said...

I will send some clothes express post for Harvey! HA HA HA!

Happy Bug said...

I found your blog by accident and you are making me homesick :) I enjoy reading your blog and you are hilarious ... and I can hear myself hahahahahahah ... I am sending you "Bread, that your home may knew hunger, Salt, that life may always have flavor & Wine (or Sparkling juice or water ), that joy and prosperity may reign forever" : ) Write us more about your new home.

Kerrie Erb said...

Gorgeous sunrise!! and sweet lil boy....well, at least it is summer and warm :)

Enjoy your new home!

Daedg Microsoft said...

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