Sunday, 4 January 2015

.Teacher Zippered Pouches.

The end of the school year was signified with the annual school teacher zippered pouch marathon!
It's kind of good having a "go to" teacher pattern - something that suits them all, is personal, not edible and something that I can be sure will actually be used in the future. Plus, it gives me a chance to lessen the load in the scrap fabric bin!
This year there were two teacher's aides in Tommy's class which meant I had to make 5 pouches. I managed to get them finished with a week or so to spare though which was nice considering it happened in amongst the craziness of moving and unpacking house.
You can see previous teacher zippered pouches here, here and here - this is the fourth year I have made them. Funny that some of those same scraps are still going strong!
I used my Zippered Pouch Tutorial to make them.


Jody Herbert said...

They look fantastic! I made these using your tutorial for my kids teachers too and they just loved them - thanks for such a great idea and tutorial! Here's my blog post I did on them:

Filomena Crochet said...

muito bonito!!! parabéns!

Jeneta said...

These are fabulous! After making all sorts of teacher gifts - turns out we had 36 teachers across four kids - I vowed not to do teacher gifts next year. I told the kids they can make a card for each of their teachers instead (I think it was the quilts we made that did me in!). Of course now that I have seen these pretties I think I could be persuaded to make some of these next year!

Jeneta said...

Hi Toni

I made some! Here is my blogpost:

Ronnie said...

Hi Toni
For the 4th year running I have made some of these for my kiddos teachers - this year I made 6 and I have 1 all cut and pieced for me but my machine is playing up! Thank you for a wonderful tradition as my little ones get involved in the fabric selection. I know that my eldest's teacher from preschool (4 Christmas' ago) still uses hers :)

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