Sunday, 10 December 2006

Family Fun...

Yesterday we had a big family clean up at the river getting it ready for its sale at the end of the month. Sad, but had to be done. It really is the end of an era - we love you river!!! Such brilliant memories, fun family times and lots of swims. Everyone who could make it came down, the men busied themselves moving machinery, bits and pieces of junk and slashing paddocks while the women cleaned out shacks and the kids had a fun time running wild! It was a productive day - lots of sweat, cuts, bruises, prickles, we were sad that Pop couldn't be with us - get better soon Pop and come home to us! After the big clean up the kids enjoyed a swim in the FREEZING river and then we had a BBQ to finish off with. Um...we didn't know it was a total fire ban??? :)

Oscar's first swim at the river was so funny - he wouldn't let go of Mum for AGES, she finally coaxed him into the water and then there was no stopping him, splashing, eating rocks and scooting around on his bum! this is my brother Cade. The only person over 10 who was brave (or stupid?) enough to go for a proper swim!! He is a great uncle to Oscar, always wanting to play with him and take him on walks - although we all know ithe real reason is he so hands on is because the girls all love to stop and chat to a 16 year old holding a baby!!

Cade and my other brother Ty (19 - about to leave on a mission for Fiji) - can you guys PLEASE be NORMAL for once!!!

A great shot of the Triffitt kids, pretty sure it has been quite a few years before we have taken any photos of them all together so I was excited to get this one.

Nan still working - will she ever rest?! I think it was hard for her seeing everything being cleaned up and Pop not being there but she is always a trooper!

The BBQ...

We have the best family ever - Love you guys! Have a few more photos that I took on Saturday, let me know if you want some more and I can email them to you. If you want to see any of the photos on here close up just click on them and they will come up bigger. xxx


Thelma said...

Beautiful to share a part of your Pop and Nan's life that I did not know. My memories are from Bermuda road picking fields, Glen Huon... I had no idea how delightful blogs are.

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