Sunday, 10 December 2006


Just wanted to add a few random photos of recent times...

Putting up the christmas tree - Oscar loved the box!

The cutest little photo of Oscar in his fake church tie suit Grandie bought him ages ago and he finally fits into now - he looked like such a stud a church last Sunday!! Thanks Grandie for trying to keep us righteous!

Today was really HOT - by Tasmanian standards anyway - humid and muggy. O cooling off with a glass of water! I can hear him now crying in his cot because he is too hot and can't wear his sleeping bag - poor little man, its going to be a LONG night!

By the way...why is it always hot on Sunday in Tasmania? Dying for a swim today!

Played around in photoshop with this one...

My very cool Amy Butler nappy bag - which I just LOVE! Way better than any store bought nappy bag I have ever seen or used - everything fits in, there are no useless compartments and it is easy to find stuff. Have had so many comments on it - think I should go into business but would be so hard to make money on them as material is so expensive and takes so much time to make.


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