Monday, 26 February 2007

February Fun...

Back again! December/January/February are always busy holiday months for us, making the most of the holidays trying to visit family in Melbourne and Sydney. We have just spent a week in Sydney over the Valentines Day rush doing our usual stint helping Winston out at the florist over the crazy season! I looked after Oscar, Mason and Maya so that everyone else could go and work - the kids were great! Excellent friends and Oscar was entertained 24/7 so it felt like a bit of a holiday from my one on one time with him! He copied everything Mason did, if Mason jumped, Oscar would jump, if Mason squealed, Oscar would squeal! Everyone else worked hard at the florist, Jaron did a 40+ hour marathon with no sleep - Crazy!!! We also got to spend a little bit of time with Gem and Eve and their families which was awesome.
Here are some cute pics of Oscar with his cousins...

Playing outside on the slide.

Cuddles with Maya - this was such a fluke shot!

Oscar with Mason and Maya

With the Wiles gang.

Yummy little bottoms...waiting for bath with cousin Charli.

After spending quality time with his cousins, I wanted to come home and make a book for Oscar to remember them by...this is my finished creation - I am quite proud of it!

We just got home from a few days in Melbourne yesterday. It was a short trip but we got lots of fun things done - did some maternity clothes shopping which I was in desperate need of, so now I feel really good!! Also went to a Tupperware conference and got HEAPS of free stuff, so it was worth it. Didn't take hardly any pics, but these are a few from Dockside in Melbourne, it is beautiful there...


The Parsons said...

Love your scrapbook.... See you have a Rhonner Farrer swirly stamp... I have alot of them and love them... Colours and papers etc on your book are should be proud. And I was wondering where you were...thought you had gone and had your baby! When is the due date??

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