Friday, 2 February 2007

1 Year Bigger

Oscar is sooo big now! I can't imagine him growing anymore.
This is what he looked like just 1 year ago...

And this is what I just got out of bed!

Then off to have a play on his weights before lunch...Jarom and Kristy gave the weights to him for christmas. They have provided hours of entertainment - thanks guys!

Yesterday a terrible thing happened...I was cutting up an avocado with my very sharp Tupperware knives and slipped and sliced through the top of my ring finger and right through the middle of my nail. It hurt so much and I almost fainted and didn't know what to do. Oscar just kept on dancing to ABC kids. Lucky Mum was at work at the hospital down the road so I gave her a call and she came over to tend to me. Phew! I don't know what I would have done otherwise. Now I just have a bandaged up throbbing finger. It was a bit of a drama!


The Parsons said...

Tuppeware...its not all its cracked up to be!!! He he! Just kidding. Hope your finger heals well and stops throbbing. ANd the little kids weights cracked me up!!!

Uncle Matt said...

Nice of Jaron to let his son uswe his weights :-)

Like father like daughter with the finger attacks recently it seems. Glad you're okay!

- Uncle Matt

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