Thursday, 15 March 2007


Not me...I'm not a chocoholic...really...but when I go to the best Cadbury outlet store ever in Melbourne I just can't help myself! This place kicks the Hobart Cadbury factory - you can't do tours and not just anyone can go into the shop, you have a have a special pass. The only people who can get passes are people that work there or people who are part of a non-profit my Mother in Law has a pass for the Melbourne Mission! She is allowed to take one friend every time she goes. We stocked up on lots of yummy easter eggs and scorched almonds and the favourite Summer Roll bar - a 5kg box, unwrapped, but otherwise fine, for $8!!! There are 250 bars there - what we are going to do with them all, I don't know...I just hope they last for awhile!!!

We said our goodbyes to Nana and Grandie yesterday . This was going to be our last trip to Mebourne before the end of the mission, but while we were over there we planned another one for the end of April when Jaron's parents have to go to Sydney for a week fo a Mission Presidents Seminar. So we are going to go and care for the kids. Not that they need much caring for, but any excuse for another holiday! This will mean we have been to Melbourne each month since December!!

TY HAS ARRIVED!!! We received an email from Elder Triffitt yesterday saying:
"Hello. I'm at the mission home signing my life away. About to have interview with presdient. We have our orientation tomorrow and find out where I go then. Pday is Monday so thats when I'll check email next.
Love you Elder Triffitt
Still raining but warm"
So hopefully we will find out where his first area is and what he thinks of Fiji in the next week or so. He was so excited to finally leave the MTC and get into the mission field, I can't wait to hear mission stories from him now. If you want to write to him, his email address is: or the mission address is: Fiji Suva Mission, GPO 215, Suva Fiji.
A few photos I meant to post a while ago of him in Provo at the MTC.

Playing in the snow....the last chance he will have to feel cold for the next 2 years!

With his companions Elder Tira and Elder Soon at the Visitors Centre at the SL Temple. (They were the only 3 going to Fiji in the MTC and so were in a 3-way companionship). I'm sure they will really miss each other in Fiji when they have to part.

With his companion, Elder Tira outside the Salt Lake Temple.


Marnie Watson said...

Yikes!!! Look at all that, when can I come over???hehe...What a bargain. You guys are such jetsetters now! Loved the pics of Ty too, Salt Lake looks so pretty with all the snow.

Julie & Paul Coward Family said...

The old dragon said......
Had fun looking at your updates. Blog looks great! Please send me a picture of the fairy penguins? and or any other cute pics that we didn't get, and I will try and put them on my blog. Well thats my assignment for the day.
Thank you for all the help Toni. Love you!

The Parsons said...

dangerous Toni... very dangerous!!!! I had forgotten all about Summer Rolls!!! Mmmmm

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