Sunday, 11 March 2007

lazy saturday

Alright, some Melbourne photos...
It was HOT yesterday and we had a nice lazy Saturday at home. Filled up the little wading pool for Oscar and he had a play in the water - very very irresponsible parents - he is sunburned today! We did put sunscreen on him...twice, but it didn't work for some reason. Poor little man, it doesn't seem to bother him though. Jaron is always out to try and get a tan on a hot day, so, these are my boys having fun in the sun (note the nice, brown, water restricted grass) -

Oh to have a big, annoying brother... what started out as a little bit of innocent fun with some water turned into World War 3! Ashleigh being wasted by Jaron - although she did get him good during the day when he was least expecting it!!!

Boys will be boys - Jaron convincing his Dad and Spenser to buy an macbook! And Jaron at the Motor Show - highlight of his trip - thought I should put it in there even thought it is of no interest to me whatsoever!

And lastly...every pregnant woman has those midnight cravings (or at least a good excuse to blame bad eating on!) - this Sara Lee Rocky Road icecream is totally to die for, highly recommend. wasn't for me, it was for the baby! And Whitney....


Marnie Watson said...

Love seeing all the pics Tone, looks like you are having a fantastic time!

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