Monday, 5 March 2007

Dream bedroom

So, this has been my dream for redecorating my bedroom for the last few months...

My bedroom themes is black and white with a touch of pink. On my new white bed (with a super comfortable plush mattress!) I want white sheets and black european pillow cases. A beautiful black and white doona cover with matching pillow cases - something big and swirly or funky paisley designs. Scattered over the top I will make funky black, white and pink cushions of all different shapes and sizes and throw a beautiful home made black, white and pink quilt at the end of the bed. A big bed box at the end of the bed will hold extra blankets and look after the cushions when they are not being used on the bed. Then I will have 3 big canvas paintings on the wall above my bed. Not sure what of yet...but something black, white and pink of course!! Perhaps some cool birds and swirls. On the two little bedside tables I want white lamps with black trim.

I think that is about it - cool, huh? I am in the preparation stages and not going to put it into practise until we have a new house and decide where we are going to live next year and then (in my dreams) buy all new furniture for my bedroom!!!!!


Marnie Watson said...

So Im guessing you are into black, white and pink at the moment? Sounds beautiful- hope it comes true soon! Love marns

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