Friday, 13 April 2007

A crap morning

This morning everything seems to have gone wrong:
Oscar is getting molars and is so grumpy, he is whinging and carrying on about every little thing.
He has also got a cold and mega runny nose, so that is making him grumpy too.
I have been making a quilt for Oscar for when he moves into a big bed and this morning I was shaking a black ink pen and didn't realise that it was leaking and got big black un-movable spots all over the Humpty Dumpty square and on Miss Muffetts leg - they took me AGES to do and I don't want to start again so hopefully when I am feeling more in control I will be able to work out some way to disguise the big ugly black spots.
When I put Oscar to bed, he all of a sudden jumped up as I leaned down to tuck him in and his head hit me in the mouth and made my tooth go through my lip and now I have a fat, red, bleeding lip.
Okay, that is why my morning has been crappy, now that I have had a whinge it IS going to be a good day!!!

AFTER THOUGHT - I just looked at the calendar and realised that it is Friday 13th today!!


Marnie Watson said...

Oh man, Tone- that sucks! Im sorry its been such a terrible morning. I hope things get better for you...xx

The Parsons said...

When your post opened, I had to laugh! Crap is one of my favourite words. But days like that so utterly suck! My Mum is good with working out solutions to quilts gone wrong! If I were there I'de help ya!

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