Thursday, 12 April 2007

***Happy Birthday Cade***

The baby of our family turned 17 yesterday. And he has passed his P's test and has a car so watch out on the roads! We had birthday dinner last Sunday night for Cade as he is away in Melbourne this week.

Some light entertainment provided by Oscar and Poppy Tom:

Cade in his ripper bogan flannie:
Dad being Dad:
Filipa, Cade and Mark (Cade being a pyromaniac):
Cade and me:


Marnie Watson said...

Love the family photo's Tone. Your bro's are so grown up now! I remember when they were just.....well, anyway. You all look great, love marnsxx

The Parsons said...

i love your Aussie comments.... "ripper bogan flannie"! 3 classic Australian words.... makes me miss australia

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