Friday, 27 April 2007


Finally...I have opened my drool. baby bibs eBay store. There are HEAPS of bibs for sale, but I have just listed a few sets for the moment, will put some more on when I get around to it. Anyway, check out my store: and tell everyone you know about it. We are going to be at the Deloraine Markets on Saturday 5th May also if you want to see the bibs up close.

They are great - funky, fresh patterns and designs. I wanted to make a decent bib after Oscar was a mega drooly baby, he was constantly wet with drool rashes and wet clothes and lots of mould spots on his bibs and clothes if they would sit in the laundry basket for more than one day! I got so sick of it and wanted to come up with something that actually would work as a bib but not look daggy. These bibs are backed with soft and cuddly polar fleece fabric, which absorbs the moisture, but dries super quick and doesn't allow the drool to soak into the baby's clothes.


The bibs all ready to go...100 of them! And more to make!
There are more designs than I have listed on my ebay store so far, so if you want anything in particular - let me know.


The Parsons said...

you go girl! May they sell like hotcakes. Im opening my lollypack etsy site tomorrow night!

Marnie Watson said...

Tone, the bibs look fantastic! Congratulations on opening the ebay store. I cant believe you ahve made 100 already...must have taken a while! xx Looking foward to seeing you next weekend!

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