Sunday, 29 April 2007

Happy Birthday :)

Yesterday was Jaron's 28th birthday, we started out the day with a sleep in (thanks Oscar - they don't happen very often these days!) Then Jaron and Oscar washed the car and then it was off to Devonport to buy a bike for Jaron's birthday present. He got a really good deal at the shop by sweet-talking the owner and telling him it was his birthday! Unfortunately it has been raining ever since the purchase so he hasn't been able to take it for a proper ride yet.
Then we met Mum and Dad, Filipa, Cade, Carli, Winston, Mason and Maya at Anvers for lunch - yummo! They have the best Tasmanian foods and wicked hot chocolates!
Photos from playing in the forest at Anvers while we were waiting for our food to come...


The Parsons said...

yay, happy birthday Jaron! Hope the bike is awesome. I'de love a new bike! Cade's expressions always crack me up!

Marnie Watson said...

Happy Birthday Jaron!!! Looks like he had a fun day. I LOVE the chocolate shop...I have to stop there every time I go up north...ooh, Im having truffle cravings now!!!

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