Sunday, 13 May 2007

Chop Chop

Our little boy is getting big...last night he had is first haircut - pretty good effort - 19 months old and only just needing a trim! Most babies are born with more hair than Oscar has now!! Lucky we have our own barber on site, Jaron has never been to a hairdresser in his life. His Dad has always cut his hair and now he cuts his own so I don't think we will ever be paying for Oscar to get a hair cut! Oscar was so cute, he was standing still and thought it was such a treat, espcially when the clippers tickled him! He only had to have a bit of fuzz trimmed around his ears and a little bit off at the grown up!


MattP said...

Toni, we love you guys so much and seeing Oscar enjoy his first haircut reminds us why! He is so happy!! Thanks for sharing. - Uncle Matt

Marnie Watson said...

How Cute!!! Oscar looks so excited to be having his first hair cut. Love the raspberry farm pics too- do u know I STILL havent been to the raspberry farm...I think next time i come up we will have to go there for afternoon tea! xx

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