Friday, 25 May 2007

I Love Hats!

Oscars latest little obsession...HATS! He loves putting them on and looking at himself in the mirror and playing peek-a-book. He loves our hats more than his own, so he is always wearing an oversized hat when we go down the street! Great timing though, last winter it was impossible to keep a hat on his head so he is sure to be nice and warm this year!

Playing dress-ups...yes that is a pair of undies around his neck! Don't ask...the knitted jumper on his back is one that we received in the mail that morning from Nana Coward in New Zealand (Oscar's great-grandmother). She often sends us lovely warm hand-knitted jumpers that she has made - we love them!
Playing at the park...


Craig & Robyn said...

Hi Toni,
Someone mentioned that you had a blog, I hope you don't mind me having a little look! Oscar is such a gorgeous little fella :-) Noah even noticed that the photo's were taken at the "park where the train is". They don't miss a thing do they!

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