Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A quiet week

Today I was in the laundry folding the washing when Oscar came in and grabbed a t-shirt and took it into the loungeroom. He came back into me a few minutes later saying "nice, nice" with the t-shirt half on, half off...and was so proud of himself for putting it on!On another note, I have been blessed with a dryer this week - it is brilliant!! It has been raining for a few weeks now and I have had wet washing everywhere, it was driving me crazy! Especially when I would have just finished hanging it all on the clothes horse and Oscar would come along and rip it all off!! I am trying really hard to only use the dryer when I HAVE to money on electricity...but I have to admit I do get excited when I wake up on a wash day and it is raining! It makes the house smell so good and everything is warm and cozy!
We have had a quiet day today, I think it is snowing on the mountains because the air was FREEZING when we went for a walk this morning. We were going to go to the Deloraine Playgroup to check it out and see what we think of it, but when we got there, there was a note on the door saying that it has been called off for a few weeks. I did a bit of sewing this afternoon, getting some things together ready for another market on Saturday.


Marnie Watson said...

Arent you a lucky duck- a new dryer and a new vaccuum cleaner all in the space of a few weeks- you must LOVE housework now!!!

MattP said...

Congrats on the new dryer. Looks like a F&P autosensing one . . . we wore our first one out and are onto our second . . . they're excellent.

Craig & Robyn said...

I love it when you get your towels out of the dryer and they are all nice and warm...I have been known to put my pj's in there before a shower so they are nice and toasty when I get out, but don't tell Craig I do that ;-)

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