Thursday, 17 May 2007

This was free!

A few weeks ago Oscar and I were wandering around in Myer having a look at some things to buy and a lady from the Portrait Place in Myer came up to us and asked us if we had 15 minutes to spare and wanted to have a free photo shoot and walk away with an A4-sized photo for free. We have been conned by these "free photo shoot" things before where it isn't really free and you end up getting sucked in and falling in love with photos and buying more than you bargained for, so I made sure that it was all totally free and she said that we could buy extra photos if we wanted to, but didn't have to. we went! It was fun, a good break for Oscar from sitting in the pram, he got to have a little play with some toys and I got to sit back and have a rest! I was kind of annoyed though because he had a mis-matched outfit on, but I got over it! Anyway, this is the photo we ended up with...I picked it up when we went to Launceston a couple of days ago.

We have had a nice quiet week so far this week. Just doing stuff at home and a little bit of shopping and going for a decent walk EVERY day (except when it was raining yesterday). It feels so good to go for a proper walk. And it lessens the amount of time that Oscar has to destroy the house and me to get frustrated with stuff everywhere! If I time it really well, we usually get back in time for Oscar to go straight to bed for a few hours and me to enjoy some peace and quiet and a house that hasn't had a chance to get dirty yet!


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